Pic-Nic Construction & Price List

This design is suited to someone with previous boat building knowledge or a very capable beginner. A 10 page document will guide you through the construction sequence to ensure an efficient build, but this document will need to be supplemented with a book on boat building, “The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction” would be a good choice.

The hull material is 6mm marine plywood on deck, 9mm topsides and 10mm bottom, (2 layers of 5mm). This is a very strong boat and the use of epoxy glue & fillets will ensure the joints are stronger than the wood itself. In addition an epoxy coating to all surfaces will provide a waterproof barrier to protect the wood from moisture ingress and delamination. By coating the marine plywood in epoxy resin and painting with a good UV resistant paint, the boat will be protected from the elements for years to come.

The hull construction consists of 11 frames set upside down for fitting the keel and planking, then turned the right way up for finishing. There is no need to loft the design full size or to scarf plywood planks together. The bottom planking is sheathed in fibreglass to add strength and reduce damage from knocks and scrapes. Once complete the hull can be painted to a colour of your choice with perhaps wood trim being varnished.

Full Plans      £130 + postage                    

  • General arrangement drawing, A2
  • Lines drawing, A2
  • Controls face, A2
  • Construction drawings, 9 sheets, A1
  • Construction notes, 10 pages, A4

Bulkhead Patterns    £poa

  • Full-size Mylar pattern for each frame

Study Plans    £12 + postage   (refunded if you later decide to buy the full plans set)                                                  

  • General arrangement drawing, A3
  • Lines drawing, A3
  • Construction drawings, 2 sheets, A3

To purchase a set of plans or find out more about building your own Pic-Nic, please contact mark@kentishboats.co.uk