On the Water

There is an element of risk when using any boat on the water. Wind, tide, current and other boat users present many opportunities for things to go wrong. I recommend you complete a suitable training course before venturing onto the water, in the UK there are a range of courses run by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Join a local boat club and meet people with a similar interest to get started on the water.

Check Your Boat

Do you have sufficient fuel and are the batteries charged?

Check any remote steering device turns the engine the right way

Make sure an outboard engine is fitted with a kill-cord

Are drain plugs secure ?

Are there any leaks & is the boat seaworthy?

Kit List

Make sure your boat is well equipped. The equipment you need to carry will depend on the size and type of boat and on local regulations/bylaws. The list below is for example only and not comprehensive:

  • Life jackets
  • Navigation lights
  • Paddles/oars as a back-up in the event of engine failure
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Charts & Pilot books
  • Anchor and rode
  • Marine Radio, Compass, depth Sounder, Log
  • Flares
  • Life Buoy & throwing line
  • Hand Bailer
  • Marine radio