Pic-Nic Motor Boat

A tough motor boat for rivers, canals, lochs & lakes

Pic-Nic has been designed to sit on a trailer fully loaded and ready to go, with the outboard fitted beneath the aft deck and the mooring lines stowed in the rope locker.

Check the weather forecast, hitch up the trailer and drive to your favourite stretch of water for a day afloat. Pic-Nic is stylish, good fun and cheap to run.


Key Features

  • Outboard engine hidden beneath lifebuoy and aft deck
  • Full length keel for directional stability and propeller protection
  • Forward seats rotate to face the aft seat for lunch
  • Storage space beneath fwd deck, aft seat and aft locker
  • Built-in buoyancy tanks
  • Small enough to keep at home

No lofting is required, the detailed computer drawn plans provide all the information you need to build your boat from scratch, if you do get stuck the designer will advise and guide you through.

Pic-Nic’s heavy construction is designed to take the stress & strain of trailing by road, launch and recovery and the rigours of transiting locks and tying up to a river bank or pontoon.



  • Length 16ft 4″ (4.97m)
  • Beam 6ft (1.82m)
  • Hull Weight 942lbs (428kg)
  • Displacement 1698lbs (772kg)
  • Maximum persons 4
  • Max. Outboard engine 5hp

This is a tough little boat with a good strong construction and a clean stylish appearance. There is plenty of stowage space for food & drink, boat gear and fishing nets.

Emergency flotation will keep the boat afloat in the event of something bad happening and the side rubbing strakes are there to protect the hull from knocks and scrapes.