Boat Construction

DSCN2841DSCN2962 DSCN3017 DSCN3240DSCN0199The boat hull material is 6mm marine plywood, glued together with epoxy resin. This is a very strong method of construction, with the glue joints being stronger than the plywood itself. In addition, the epoxy provides a waterproof barrier which protects the wood from moisture ingress and delamination.

By coating the marine plywood in epoxy resin and painting with a good UV resistant paint, the boat will be protected from the elements for many years.

Bounty’s design began with notes, sketches, a 1:4 scale model and progressed to 3D computer modelling to enable components to be accurately designed for kit production and simple home boat building.


The bulkheads/framing have been designed to locate together providing a quick assembly method which accurately holds pieces in position while epoxy resin fillets are applied to the joints.

This boat building method saves considerable time by ensuring accurate alignment of each part. The hull is made up of a flat bottom plank and 6 lapstrake planks each side. With the availability of oversize plywood sheets there is no need to scarf planking to obtain the lengths necessary. The plank overlaps give the dinghy an attractive appearance and provide a strong, rigid structure.

For additional hull protection the bottom plank and lowest plank are sheathed in fibre glass set in epoxy, this adds strength and reduces damage from knocks and scrapes.   Once complete the hull can be painted to a colour of your choice with perhaps wood trim components being varnished or oiled. Fully detailed instructions accompanied by colour photographs explain the assembly sequence step by step, to ensure an efficient build process, strong joints and a beautiful boat. This tough little tender will ferry you safely to and from your anchored vessel, while being light enough to either bring aboard for on-deck stowage or for stowing in davits.

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