Bounty Row Boat

A practical, strong, durable, easy-to-build rowing dinghy or yacht tender.

Designed with the first time boat builder in mind. Bounty plans come with a 45 page instruction manual, complete with photographs of every step in the build process.

Whether you enjoy exploring rivers and lakes or you need a tender to reach your yacht mooring, Bounty is the ideal choice where a small boat with a large capacity is required.

The keel provides directional stability underway, while the curved aft portion makes it easy to roll the dinghy up on end for storage in a dinghy park or in preparation for lifting onto a car roof rack.

When rowing, the sloping seat front supporting the aft seat, provides extra leg room for tall rowers without sacrificing seat area aft. This dinghy can be rowed comfortably by a person 6ft 2″ tall without hitting knees with the oars. For solo rowing the centre seat places the rower in a balanced position for optimum trim. With more than one person aboard, three seating areas enable crew and kit placement to be varied to facilitate good trim, which is especially difficult in small boats. Click the links below to see general arrangement drawings:

Bounty GA Decked

Bounty GA Undecked

Three watertight storage compartments provide more than enough buoyancy to keep Bounty afloat in the event that she becomes swamped. Each of these compartments can be accessed through watertight hatches, which double as dry storage compartments.

The strong transom enables the dinghy to be stored on its end for extended periods, whether in a dinghy park or in a garden. In addition the transom will easily take a small outboard engine.

Optional strong points positioned within the fore & aft seats, enable Bounty to be attached to davits for lifting aboard a cruising vessel. Bilge stringers protect the bottom of the dinghy during launching, coming ashore on a slipway or hauling up on the beach. Two rubbing strakes each side strengthen the hull and protect Bounty from damage when coming alongside.

Bounty is available in two versions, decked or undecked. The decked version has a coaming to reduce spray coming aboard when travelling into a head wind or choppy water and the deck also adds strength. The undecked version gives Bounty a bit more space, is easier to secure on a car roof rack and is a little lighter.

In summary, Bounty is a strong little boat with a big capacity and will make a great project.

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Length Overall                 8ft 2″   (2.49m)

Beam Overall                  4ft 2″   (1.27m)

Length on Waterline      7ft 6″   (2.28m)

Dry Weight                       95lbs (43kg)

Carrying Capacity          462lbs   (210kg)