23ft Adventure Cruiser

Adventure Cruiser 5A group activity boat where there is something for everyone to do, regardless of his or her age, ability or experience.

Two Cockpits enable everyone to take part and allow assignment of specific duties, each cockpit houses an experienced sailor and three crew, permitting good crew control and personalised training on a level platform, especially important with beginners and young children. Each team is part of the whole group effort, eight people working together to ensure proper boat handling and an enjoyable experience on the water.

Outriggers have been fitted to the main hull to provide an almost level sailing platform that will appeal to many, both beginners and experienced sailors. The two large cockpits provide comfortable secure space, mum and dad can relax while everyone enjoys taking part in their family adventure. Plenty of water tight storage compartments are available for dry stowage of personal items such as cameras, books, sun cream and towels, as well as picnic food and safety gear.

Plans for Adventure Cruiser

Training – The ability to take six raw recruits onto the water will appeal to instructors and group leaders. One of the leaders aboard may be a newly qualified cadet showing potential and developing leadership skills. This low cost, low maintenance trailerable boat can be made use of by youth clubs, cadet groups, sailing clubs and school children.

Expeditions. In expedition mode she is designed to carry up to 330lb (150kg) of additional equipment and provisions. There is ample stowage space aboard for bulky items such as tents, sleeping bags and mats in water tight compartments in the amas.

Assembly – With the amas removed the boat can be transported by road trailer.

Rig – Ample sail area with reefing points means that the two leaders may choose a performance level to suit the crew and their abilities/experience, day trippers, trainees, expeditioners, performance/speed freaks.

Construction/ Kit Boat –  Sheathed strip construction or cold moulded may be used. A kit of parts including everything for the jig can be computer cut and sent to the customer for setting up and planking. Local saw mills can provide strip planking in the quantity required. The building process requires low level skills and a team of novices managed by a local craftsman could complete and fit out the boat in a relatively short time.

Holidays are a great time to enjoy water sports, but these are usually restricted to windsurfing, jet skis, kayaks, water skiing and the like. Racing dinghies and cats are often available, but you will need to prove you have the training and experience to handle them and like the sports mentioned above, they are geared towards those young and fit enough. At the other end of the spectrum we have tour boats and ferries with very little, if anything, in between. To fill this gap here is a boat that anyone can climb aboard, regardless of experience or ability and play a part in operating a small pleasure boat in comfort and safety – parents, children, grandparents, singles, couples, friends.


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